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Zaid Rana

European Space Agency | SGAC, SG[Canada] Program Lead
Research Trainee in Lunar ISRU
Zaid is an undergraduate student at Concordia University and is currently working at the European Space Agency as a Research Trainee in lunar exploration and space resources. He has previously held various positions across the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany (ESA-ESOC) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for over a year since 2018. Broader engagement within the space sector includes leading the development of an Earth-observing CubeSat mission: Space Concordia's Orbital Dust Imaging Nanosatellite (SC-ODIN), selected by the CSA for its CubeSat Project initiative — one of two in Quebec and among 15 teams across Canada. Furthermore, he is actively engaged with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and serves as Canada’s National Point of Contact. In this capacity, he remains active in leading space advocacy efforts nation-wide. Considerable focus is given to leveraging various platforms in order to harness the voice of the Canadian youth to policy and decision-makers alike. Notable examples include the inaugural Space Matters Collective, the Don't Let Go Canada coalition as well as the development of Education and Public Outreach programs. The latter is underway with ongoing contributions in leading and coordinating the SG[Canada] program throughout the period of Fall 2019, together with a team of diverse Canadian students and young professionals. Finally, Zaid is currently serving as a co-author to an Astronomy Advocacy and Engagement white paper, as part of Canada's Long Range Plan 2020 reflecting the astronomy and astrophysics community with a set of priorities for space exploration over the coming decade.