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Sergio Loarte

TU Delft / CQT
Student / Intern
I am Sergio Loarte, a Space Engineering MSc student at TU Delft. Passionate about space and eager to know more about the development and implementation of future technologies in space, I chose to write my MSc thesis about Quantum Key Distribution in space. I am now researching about this topic in the Centre for Quantum Technologies, at the National University of Singapore.

Regarding my background, I studied a BSc in Aerospace Engineering in the Technical University of Madrid. My thesis discussed the preliminary design of the power subsystem of a microsatellite.
During my MSc at TU Delft I did two internships. The first one, in Airbus Leiden combined Thermal Engineering and Systems Engineering devoted to the improvement of the design of a high-performance thermal strap. The second one, at ESA-ESTEC implied testing and thermal analyses of thermal hardware for the future JUICE mission – especially new disruptive MLI blankets -.