Dr. Isabelle Raymond-Bouchard

McGill University
Post Doctoral Fellow
I am a postdoctoral fellow with the McGill Space Institute working in the laboratory of Dr. Lyle Whyte. Dr. Whyte’s research program focuses on examining microbial biodiversity and ecology in the Canadian high Arctic. These habitats include unique cold saline springs, permafrost and ground ice, and cryptoendolithic communities. These investigations explore the biodiversity, ecology, adaptations, and activity of microbial communities at subzero temperatures in cryoenvironments (subzero habitats) in an emerging field perhaps best described as cryomicrobiology. I am part of a group of researchers examining the utility of these unique cryoenvironments as extraterrestrial analogs for astrobiology studies. We are currently developing a MICRO Life Detection Platform that could potentially be used in future missions to Mars, Europa, Enceladus or any other planetary target attached to surface rover platforms and/or drills in order to detect unambiguous signs of life.