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Dr. Ram Jakhu

McGill Institute of Air and Space Law
Associate Professor and former Director
Currently Prof. Ram S. Jakhu is tenured Associate Professor at the
Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University. He teaches and conducts research in international space law, law of space applications, law of space commercialization, space security, national regulation of
space activities, and public international law. He heads a multi-million dollars research and outreach program for space law and policy. He is the Project Director of the McGill Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS). He is Managing Editor of the Space Regulations Library Series; a Member of the Editorial Boards of the Annals of Air and Space Law and the German
Journal of Air & Space Law.

Prof. Jakhu initiated and managed a comprehensive international and interdisciplinary study related
to global space governance, the final report of which has been published as Global Space
Governance: An International Study (Springer, 2017). He served as Director of the McGill Institute
of Air and Space Law; Faculty Member and Director of the Master of Space Studies Program of the
International Space University, Strasbourg, France; and Member of the World Economic Forum’s
Global Agenda Council on Space Security. He has taught Space Law and Policy in several
countries; made presentations to the United Nations Committee of Peaceful Uses of Outer Space;
and convened and participated numerous international interdisciplinary space law and policy related
conferences and workshops around the world. He has advised several countries in the preparation of
national laws and policies. With Aram Kerkonian, he has carried out “Second Independent Review
of Canada’s Remote Sensing Space Systems Act” (2017) and a study on “Canadian Interests in
Outer Space” (2016) for Global Affairs Canada.

Prof. Jakhu co-authored three books, over 100 articles and 20 research reports and edited 9
books, including the one that received the 2011 Book Award from the International Academy of
Astronautics. His published papers include: “Canada’s International Space Cooperation” (2018);
“Findings of an Independent Review of Canada's Remote Sensing Space Systems Act” (2012);
“Regulation of Space Activities in Canada (2010)”; “The case for enhanced India-Canada space
cooperation” (2009); and "Legal Issues of the Interception of American Television Signals in
Canada" (1987).

In 2016, Prof. Jakhu received the “Leonardo da Vinci Life-Long Achievement Award” from the
International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety and in 2007 the “Distinguished
Service Award” from International Institute of Space Law for significant contribution to the
development of space law.
He holds Doctor of Civil Law (Dean's Honors List) and Master of Law (LL.M.) degrees from
McGill University, Canada, as well as LL.M., LL.B., and B.A. degrees from Panjab University,