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Deven Patel

Université Laval
Master's Student
Deven is pursuing a Master’s degree in Physics from Université Laval and is a graduate from Concordia University in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Aerospace and Propulsion. During his time at Concordia, Deven completed internships at Bombardier Aerospace and CAE and largely worked on the validation and verification processes of, both, the C-Series aircraft family and CAE simulators. Deven was also a member of Space Concordia for two years: he was a member of the Rocketry division, co-led the society’s first-ever high-altitude balloon project, and assumed the role of VP of Special Projects. He is now working on the HiCIBaS (High-Contrast Imaging Balloon System) project at Université Laval in Quebec City, a pilot project that aims to facilitate exoplanet-imaging using stratospheric balloons. The project is funded by the Canadian Space Agency’s FAST (Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology) initiative and has the support of many industry leaders.