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Emilie Lafleche

McGill Space Institute, iREx, McGill University
Summer research intern, student
Emilie is a second-year Honours Planetary Science student at McGill University. Over the course of her studies, she discovered her love of astrobiology and observational astronomy, and has become a youth advocate for space education in her community. She has partnered several times with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since organizing an event celebrating the solar eclipse in 2017 at John Abbott College and has conducted several youth workshops as part of the McGill Space Group education outreach team. This summer, her research under supervisor Nicolas Cowan of MSI (McGill Space Institute) and iREx (Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes) involved modelling exoplanet surfaces using simulated reflected lightcurve data. Emilie hopes to pursue graduate studies in the field of planetary sciences and continue to share her love of space with the world.